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Labor Law

Labor Law

With respect to a permanent cooperation with corporate clients, we provide Labor Law advice in the widest possible extent to such clients, involving, in particular, production plants (automotive industry) and sale entities (electronics, elevators, medical and laboratory devices, branded jewelry, retail entities). Next to a usual Labor Law agenda (e.g. advice in the course of an establishment, changes and a termination of employment, remuneration and work time issues, etc.) we solve also special cases such as Labor Law aspects of various business transactions (transformations, transfer of enterprises), a production suppression (labor obstacles, collective redundancies), work injuries, etc. We have also extensive experience in negotiations with Trade Unions operating in our clients, including negotiations on collective agreements. We prepare complex Labor Law documentation as well, including internal and working regulations. We are also familiar with aspects of the agency employment agenda. Despite our efforts to avoid such situations, we also represent our clients in Labor Law court disputes, if necessary.


  • long-term complex Labor Law advice for significant international companies - a premier manufacturer of elevators and escalators and one of world leaders in consumer electronics and medical devices production, including a close cooperation with a HR department of these clients
  • long-term complex Labor Law advice for automotive industry companies with production plants up to 500 employees. Besides work time schedules, shifts operations and motivation plans for employees in manufacture, the following issues are being solved in this sphere, of course: communication with Trade Unions and repeated negotiations as regards collective agreements
  • complex drafting of Labor Law documentation for retail companies (e.g. a jewelry seller), including employees’ material liability



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