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Public Procurement in Healthcare Sector

Public Procurement in Healthcare Sector

In this sector of public procurement we have long-term experience regarding all procedural stages of the procurement process, from a request for clarification of procurement documentation, assessment of contractual documents to be executed in the course of procurement proceedings, through objections to contracting authority decisions (on choice of the most appropriate bid, on disqualification of a bidder), proposals to the Office for the Protection of Competition to examine acts of a contracting authority, up to representation in administrative court proceedings in which a decision of the Office for the Protection of Competition may be challenged.

Our experience in this sphere comprise long-term complex legal advice for a premier large medical devices producer (RTG, CT, MR), a laboratory devices producer and, furthermore, a prominent world corporation operating in healthcare technology (anesthesiology devices, pulmonary ventilations, patient monitoring) and security technology (firefighters protective aids, alcohol testers).



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