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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate issues rank undoubtedly among crucial areas of our legal services being provided.

We have a real wealth of experience not only with common Real Estate transactions (e.g. the sale and donations of flats and family houses, the establishment of easements, the execution of lease agreements), however also with various investment projects, in particular with the purchase, sale or construction of industrial areas or buildings (both greenfield and brownfield), including the implementation of due diligence reports and subsequent cadastral proceedings. We also provide long-term legal advice in the area of lease agreements for non-residential premises when representing an international fund owning many retail Real Estates and shopping centers. Our agenda involves also the complex legal advice regarding all legal relations in terms of Real Estates, such as preparation of lease and sublease agreements for all types of Real Estates.


  • consultancy when acquiring industrial grounds – the brownfield, including a due diligence report
  • consultancy during the sale of an industrial ground
  • repeatedly, complex consultancy during a construction of production grounds (greenfield projects) for Czech entities of international concerns, namely from the purchase of land lots, through ensurance of contractual documentation for the construction of industrial objects, up to the commencement of the manufacture
  • consultancy during negotiation and execution of lease agreements for premises in office buildings as registered offices of Czech entities of eminent international corporations
  • complex consultancy during the preparation, changes and a termination of lease agreements for retail premises in large shopping centers and food supermarkets, for a landlord – an owner of such business premises



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